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We handle every detail to ensure a smooth and stress-free vehicle exports

At Goldstar Auto, we make exporting your vehicle simple and stress-free. Our step-by-step process ensures that every detail is handled with care and precision, from initial documentation to final delivery. Explore how we streamline your vehicle export journey, providing you with a seamless experience every step of the way

Choose Your Vehicle

Have your eye on a South African car, whether new or used? Get in touch with us for the best deals through our dealership networks. Browse listings on and leave negotiations to us

Get Your Quote

Receive a CIF quote from us, including upfront VAT refunds as a discount.

Invoice and Payment

Once you accept the CIF quote, we'll provide a Proforma Invoice detailing purchase and logistical information, including dispatch estimates. Review it, make your payment, and send us proof. We'll then place a small holding deposit with the dealership to secure your vehicle

Official Dealership Quote

After payment, we provide the dealership with necessary documents. In return, you'll receive an official purchase offer and invoice

Payment and Insurance

Once payment is processed with the dealer, we initiate export preparations. Your vehicle is insured under our Motor Policy until delivery. For ocean freight, Marine Insurance is quoted separately; however, your vehicle remains covered until containerized. We gather all necessary original documents from the dealership to begin the export

Export Preparation

We handle vehicle inspections, document processing, and arrange export permits. Please request any additional documents in advance

Logistics and Dispatch

We secure a booking for your vehicle on a car carrier and provide you with a detailed booking confirmation outlining the shipment. After preparing all necessary documents, permits, and paperwork, we email you and your local clearing agent the required export documents. Originals, along with valuable items such as remotes and keys, are couriered to you with a tracking number for added peace of mind


Goldstar and your local clearing agent will reach out to you with the details of your vehicle's delivery and arrival. Your clearing agent will handle pre-arrival processes to ensure a seamless delivery