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Frequently Asked Questions on Vehicle Exports from South Africa

south africa export Land Cruiser 300 GR

Export Q&A

What services do you offer to dealerships for car exports?

GoldStar offers dealerships comprehensive export solutions, encompassing logistics management, documentation handling, VAT refund assistance, and compliance with international shipping regulations.

What sets GoldStar apart from other export services?
Our extensive network of logistics partners, expertise in international markets, and personalised service tailored to each dealership’s needs ensure a seamless export process, setting us apart from competitors.
Does GoldStar manage all required paperwork and compliance matters?
Yes, we manage all required export documentation, ensure compliance with both South African and destination country regulations, and assist with VAT refunds, simplifying the process for you.
Does GoldStar offer export services for both new and used vehicles?

Certainly. GoldStar provides export solutions for a diverse range of vehicles, encompassing both new and used cars, and ensuring compliance with the importing country’s standards and regulations

How does GoldStar guarantee the safe transportation and arrival of vehicles in good condition?

We have our own In-house logistics company and employ cutting-edge tracking and security technologies. Additionally, vehicles are insured throughout transit, ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition.

What expenses are associated with exporting a car?

Export expenses fluctuate based on factors such as the destination, vehicle type, and chosen shipping method. GoldStar offers comprehensive CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) quotes, encompassing all elements of the export journey.

General Q&A

What documents are required to export a vehicle from South Africa?

You will need the vehicle’s registration documents, proof of ownership, an export permit, and a police clearance certificate. Additionally, you may need a bill of lading and a commercial invoice, At Goldstar we take care of all the paperwork

How long does it take to export a vehicle to another African country?

The duration varies based on the destination and shipping method, but it typically takes between 4 to 8 weeks from the date of shipment

Are there any vehicle restrictions for export?

Yes, some countries have restrictions on vehicle age, emissions standards, and left-hand or right-hand drive specifications. It’s important to check the regulations of the destination country

How is the vehicle transported?

Vehicles can be transported by sea in a container or via roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) services. The method depends on the destination and the exporter’s preference

How do I ensure my vehicle meets the destination country’s standards?

Research the specific import regulations of the destination country, including any required modifications to meet safety and emissions standards.

What is the process for clearing customs at the destination?

Upon arrival, the vehicle must clear customs. This involves submitting necessary documentation, paying applicable duties and taxes, and passing any required inspections